The Problem

To some it may seem that “all is well” in the church and business-as-usual will do just fine until Christ returns. Others believe they see the writing on the walls of the church itself, and catastrophe is coming if something doesn’t change soon.

No matter where reality falls in that spectrum, our jobs are to look at each small picture of life, the ones we can see daily.  The big picture belongs to a higher pay grade. When looking at the “sufficient evil” that each day brings, I think it’s more than safe to say that we have some things we need to let the Lord change in the Church, and in our lives.

Concerns of the Church

We believe there are widespread problems that need to be fixed in the Church, the body of Christ. Because this site is aimed at Christian leaders, all the details don’t need to be reiterated here, but so there’s no confusion, here is a brief outline of the situation, as we see it.

  1. Ambiguous, nebulous, heretical, or non-existent Gospel messages, resulting in…
  2. Biblical and doctrinal illiteracy (and sometimes apathy) regarding:
    1. Basic salvation
    2. Holiness (the fruit of regeneration), resulting in….
  3. Unrepentant, blatant sin in the camp, resulting in…
  4. Worldly, unsanctified image (and substance) before the public, giving the appearance that there is nothing of value to offer, resulting in…
    1. Poor Church growth, new people are not coming
    2. High attrition rate, existing people are leaving.

The problem is not the truth of the Gospel, the Lord, or His Word; the problem has got to be with us—or our methods.

We often condemn ourselves and our followers for not having enough zeal, commitment, faith, intelligence, etc.—but that’s not always the culprit. We are, after all, new creatures in Christ, filled with His Spirit, endued with His power and trying to follow the manufacturer’s manual. Maybe it’s not us, maybe it really is our methods. Maybe we have missed some instruction in the Word that could change things? Realistically, I think we know that we have missed a lot of instructions from the Word. There are a lot of things too challenging, too demanding that we all just ignore. These omissions affect our methods.

Of course, these are big problems, and only the Spirit of God can fix them. And though He has ultimate responsibility and ability, we know He has commissioned us to do His work on earth, so we cannot leave it for others to do or wait for God to just blink and make it happen. I know we’ve all been trying; yet in many ways, the situation is getting worse, not better.

But we preach the Cross…

You may know that the death and resurrection of Christ is the answer to all of our problems, you may preach and teach the cross—but even so, we all know that, unfortunately, the message and reality of redemption in Christ is often missing from the hearts of our fellow “believers”! The reasons vary greatly from church to church…

  1. Some may be ignorant of the Gospel, and it is totally missing from their pulpits.
  2. The structure of modern church does not always “allow” time for the gospel.
    1. There are so many other topics that must be addressed in the short time available to teach and preach.
    2. Likewise, we don’t have time to hear and answer people’s questions.
  3. Sometimes the Gospel is preached often, but not heard by many. Often, individuals need a person in front of them to make it clear, answer their questions and challenge them to believe and obey—to provoke them to love and good works.

What a sad state of the “church” it is—that so many would be so close—to believe in God, yet not belong to Christ. I could go on, but I know I’d be preaching to the choir again.

How do we get the heart of the gospel to the individuals within the masses—on the streets and in the pews?

Let the pastor do it!

Since we’re avoiding any “choir preaching”, we’ll keep this one short. Most pastors are already overworked, if not overwhelmed; bringing in this level of personal interaction is not possible for most. They need help!

This is why we need something new.